Embrace this season, ‘cause it’s now or never. No more waiting, all you have is now. So start acting like it and believe me, you’ll get rewarded. Dreams demand action, other wise they will turn out to be just thoughts.

Coup de rouge

As the flowers start to bloom and the sun shines through, add some color to your day to day outfit. With this look, I went for a red top which gives my usual boyfriend jeans a whole other vibe. The key with red is don’t overdo it, let the color speak for itself. For me, soft colors like jeans blue or even pastels give a romantic vibe to your whole look. Put on your dancing shoes and follow the rhythm of the greatest beat, your heart. 

red blouse  Zara / blue jeans  x  friday’s project / white sneakers  x  Veja 



Buckle up

Before you can make a real difference in this world, you need to find your voice. What message do you want to send to others? Dressing superior is one thing, acting as one is totally different. Change your mind set and create a whole new you. This outfit consists of a few timeless basics, to make it look classy but effortless. The red stripes of the blouse and the vintage tiger belt give this look a little twist.   Classic coat  x  Bensimon / white blouse and tiger belt  x  Swildens 
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