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the longer you wait to find your own voice, the less likely you are going to able to find it at all


Sometimes you need to express your own voice despite what others might expect from you. Instead of doing what you are supposed to do, listen to yourself. What do you want?

You do not need to follow a trend or hype to look beautiful, because the truth is you always do. So stop trying and start being.

For this look I wore two similar jackets, all from the same label called Topolina. It is a small upcoming brand from Morocco, which I completely fell in love with (no sponsored post tho?). The thing I love the most about these flair bomber jackets is that each of them bring an unique vibe which completely defines your whole outfit. That’s why I kept the rest of the look simple but yet stylish.

silk jackets all by Topolina

straight cut jeans  x  bellerose

navy blue turtle neck  x  zara


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