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Before going straight to Nova Scotia for my exchange program, we stayed in this beautiful city first to get already a first taste of what the Canadian way of life looks like.




We arrived in the late afternoon and made a quick stop at the Mont Royal before going to our hotel. Besides getting an amazing view over the city, we met some raccoons! In the evening, we went out for dinner and discovered a street art festival was going on in Montréal because of its 375 anniversary. So cool! Lots of people gather up to enjoy the arts in such a special and accessible way.










Busy day ahead! Starting off with a guided tour to really get to know the multicultural dimension of this place. Astonishing how some many different traces of multiple cultures can be seen in every street and how each of them represents a part of the city’s history.

We got lunch at the Underground Village and then went for a boat ride on the Saint-Laurent river. What a ride that was! A beautiful scenery and an adventurous riptide that made waves go over the boat.

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For dinner, we went out of the city to what you could say a very location. An old maple syrup farm called Le sucrérie de la montagne to be exact. Canada stands for maple syrup and at this place you could really see why. People are so passionate about producing their golden liquor the same way their ancestors did it, which makes it even more authentic and unique for us, outsiders to experience. Did you know that there were actually three types of this sweetener? A more lighter one, a medium amber and a dark one, each more strong in taste.


FullSizeRender-2 kopie

For our last day, we decided to focus on exploring the city one last time. We started off by visiting Chinatown, with its beautiful wall art. We did some shopping in the main street Saint-Laurent Blvd and ended up admiring the architecture of the houses on Sherbrooke Street.

                       FullSizeRender kopie








Quick stop at the beyond cute Leaves café. The smell of fresh coffee and croissants is the best way to cure anything. Also still not over the fact how cute these little cactuses were!

   FullSizeRender-4 While visiting the old part of the city, you could really see the marks both England and French left in the streets and how major their influence still is nowadays.

                         FullSizeRender-2 kopie 2

Not only did I get the chance to discover a new city, I got some new friends as well! The trip to Montréal organized by WEP was what you could say a big success. Now off to my host family in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia!

Wish me luck,


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