Let’s be game changers

For those of us who spend a lot of time on social media, here’s the eye opener we’ve all been waiting for.

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The things people share on social media always seems to be perfect and natural. But they’re so much more behind the story they share with you. The most important fact that you should keep in my mind, is that they let you see what they want you to see. Perfect hair, body and locations : the real truth behind that, is hours of taken photos, editing, … Social media is not real. Spending your time online, looking at photos, liking and being fixated with your own profile, isn’t real life. The constant approval people are looking for, “Do I look good?”, “Do you like me?”, … doesn’t make you happy. It actually makes you feel so much worse.

What does those likes actually mean? If you get 100 likes on a picture, and a friend of yours 80, does that mean you’re better than him? Does it makes you feel good? Are you going to treat him differently? And I guess you’re all thinking “no”, but let me put this in an other way: if you meet someone who’s really famous on social media, would it make you feel different to be in their presence?

The thing is, we’ve all made those things up. We’ve decided that more likes mean more popularity, more happiness. But if you’ve read the story of Essena O’Neill, you know that none of that’s true. Thousands of followers, likes, comments, doesn’t make you feel happy. It doesn’t improve your real life, because if you really get more attention because you’re famous on the internet, then that’s not based on who you really are, but more on who you seem to be.

And does this mean you have to quit social media? No, it doesn’t. But maybe it will change the way you’re using it now. I think what Essena did,  put a hold on the way social media was taking place in our lives. Make a change and prove that we are not a brain-washed generation.




for more info, http://www.letsbegamechangers.com/


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