modern sailor

“a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”

This quote just totally fitted in our theme. Thinking about the sailor style, you immediately think about stripes. Blue and white stripes, actually. But we’re going to take that style and bring it to a whole new level. Sailors are mostly men? Who told you that?





leading lines    To create a more ‘modern’ version of the stripe sweater, go for bigger stripes or totally different colors, but use the basic ones. Again, screaming colors would’ve definitely ruined this look. The pair of trousers for this season, are without doubt the culotte. And they are so comfortable! Plus, they’re a bit shorter than a normal pair of jeans, so you can show off your socks 😉 striped sweater la prestic ouiston, culotte zara, snake print sneakers swildens


hide ’n seek  Short skirts are nice, but shorts are so much more fun! And what if I say you can’t barely see the difference? For this look, I wear a pretty colorful pair of shorts, so I’ve combined them with a white pattern blouse. Because you can better be underdressed in something beautiful, than overdressed in something beautiful. short and blouse la prestic ouiston 


true colors   Colors can say a lot about you. Here, I’ve used the classic navy color and combined it with a button down skirt. To finish your look, wear a cool pair of old school socks and some basic sneakers. Now go on an adventure!  cashmere pull fine collection, button down skirt mathilde danglade clothing collection, clutch maison baluchon, socks bellerose, sneakers swildens

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