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As a lot of you who have followed my adventure for a while, may have noticed that I frequently go to Paris. Better yet, it is starting to feel like my second hometown. That is the reason why I wanted to make a post about the places I have seen and loved, because this city is too beautiful to be kept to oneself. It is a bit different from what I usually blog about, but everything is constantly changing so why keep on doing the same thing over and over again?

n.1 places to eat 

One of my all time favourites is Nanashi, a Japanese restaurant based in the Marais, notorious for its delicious bentos suitable for vegetarians (like me!) as well. Expect a healthy meal without noticing it because of its deliciousness✨

Nanashi 57 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

Literally my second home. Wherever I am, in Antwerp or on a trip, you’ll always find me taking breakfast or lunch in a Pain Quotidien. They mostly serve organic meals and beside the usually tartines (sandwiches), you can eat the most amazing quinoa salads! Definitely a must.

Pain Quotidien 33 Rue Vivienne (check their site for more locations) 

Beside being one of the most trendsetting stores, Merci is also a restaurant and book cafe. Perfect for brunches in the weekend, lunch or an afternoon snack.

Merci   111 Boulevard Beaumarchais

n.2 places to visit

Jardin du Palais Royal

Every time I am in this city, I try to find my way here. It is close to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and has such an unique vibe. You can help but get inspired while visiting this magnificent site. And did I mention Café Kitsune is also located here? Your not so ordinary coffee shop with a view on the park gives you a moment to escape the busy atmosphere of the never sleeping city.

Café Kitsuné  51 Galerie de Montpensier 


Sacré Coeur

To give your visit a more historical touch, put this beautiful piece of architecture on your list. I went there just before sunset and the view was astonishing. Oh and did I mention you didn’t have to wait in line?

Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75003 Paris

Passage Jouffroy

What I love the most about Paris, is that no matter how many times you go there, you’ll always find new places to discover. This trip, it was the first time I saw these beautiful (shortcut) passage ways  that give your eyes the time of their lives.

10 Boulevard Montmartre 

Neighbourhood near Canal Saint-Martin (Le Marais)

Shops, restaurants, art stores, … you can all find them here. One of my favourite district because it isn’t touristic at all and it has a great creative vibe. While you’re here, try to visit Centre Commercial, a trendy boutique store near the canal or APC which is located just across the street.

Centre Commercial  2 Rue Marseille

These are only just a fraction of my favourite locations in Paris, but I hope you’ll enjoy discovering them just as much as I did!

Any suggestions for future blog posts, let me know in the comments down below❤️

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