How to make your ordinary day to day life not so ordinary.

Wandering, dreaming and getting lost. That’s what I would like to do right now. But hey, we can’t have it all, can we? Could you believe me if I said that you can make your life less ordinary, if you just changed your point of view? And that isn’t even hard at all.


look 001

How to make a black outfit not so black. Well, if you just change one item into a print, you can stand out of the crowd. A total black outfit can be fun, but it gets predictable very soon. Here I wear a plaid jacket and immediately it gives a whole new vibe to the outfit. black blouse forte forte, jacket bellerose, jeans levis, shoes adidas superstar new york

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look 002   a classic LBD – little black dress – could also be just not so classic. This one of American Apparel has a plaid pattern in white, which you can barely notice and that’s what makes it fun. Killer heels can be quite stylish but also painful for a night out, so why don’t wear some vintage sneakers? black dress with plaid pattern  american apparel, vintage new york sneakers by adidas , glitter socks bellerose

IMG_2556 IMG_2566

003 Change your life, change it all. You have become unused to what you’ve always known. Don’t take everything for granted and make every moment one to live for. Never let anyone limit you.  plaid shirt current elliott, silver leather skirt & Other Stories


Don’t use shadows to hide yourself, use them to stand out.

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